If you haven’t heard yet, Amazon is doing a limited time promotion where you can buy three qualifying items for the price of two (aka, buy two get one free). Qualifying items include over 1200 books, movies, games, and more, but the bulk of what I saw happened to be books!

Books are so great for styling literally anything. Have open shelving? Books. Need something for your coffee table? Books. Need to add some height or layers to your dresser? Books. Seriously, the list goes on and on! It’s no secret, however, that these books can get expensive really fast. I usually try to find used books at thrift stores, 2nd & Charles, and even used on Amazon to make styling with books more affordable, but this three for two deal was too good to pass up! As much as I love a good deal, I also love investing in some good quality home decor books every now and then, and this is the perfect opportunity to get some real bang for your buck.

In this blog post, I’m going to round up some of my favorite styling and home decor books that are included on the Amazon three for two sale, while mixing in some fun tips and inspiration for incorporating books into your home decor.

Disclaimer: Some links contained in this post are affiliate links. That means that if you click on the link and purchase an item, I get a small percentage of that sale at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please know that products and brands recommended here at stay home style are products that I use, love, and trust.

click on the titles below each image to view the product listings on Amazon

For the Love of White // Magnolia Table Vol I // Magnolia Table Vol II // Down to Earth // Home Made Lovely // This is Home // Make Life Beautiful // Home Body

Fun Fact: I got all of these books from 2nd & Charles for a total cost of just $30. These books are not included in the three for two sale, but I have seen some of them used on Amazon for less than $10 each!


If you have a stool, dresser, shelf, or honestly anywhere that you’re struggling to style, try adding a small stack of books with a decorative object, bowl, or vase on top!

Inspire Your Home // Elements of Style // Travel Home // At Home in the English Countryside: Designers and their Dogs // Soul of the Home // Atmosphere // Living with Pattern // Oasis // Curated Interiors


Be intentional where you can and decorate with books related to that area of your home. I say this for two reasons:

  1. It feels way more authentic to have cookbooks in the kitchen rather than Studio McGee’s Make Life Beautiful.
  2. It is functional. If I want to make a recipe out of Sunday Suppers, I don’t want to have to go to our bedroom to get the book.

Now, while I’m saying that… let me be totally honest and say that I don’t always follow this rule. Like I mentioned above, I have another copy of Sunday Suppers that I use in our living room (because I think it is one of the prettiest books ever) and I also have a cookbook from my husband’s first trip to Italy that I currently have in our bedroom. I think this little styling tip is generally good practice, especially for functionality, but not a hard fast rule that must be followed at all costs. At the end of the day, you should always do what feels and looks good to you 🙂

Just an example of me going against styling tip No. 2… in my defense, I’ve never made a single recipe out of this book 😂

Habitat // Resident Dog // Simple Matters // Simply Living Well // Make Something Good Today // Abode // Bar Cart // The Art of Mixology

Fun Fact: I found this little nightstand at an antique store in high school and it has been with me to college, grad school, my husband and I’s first apartment, and now our first home. This is the original hardware and it was painted and distressed when I bought it. I’d love to find out what is under that paint one day… but I’m too scared to strip it!


Remove the dust jackets! A lot of times hardcover books have a decorative dust jacket that usually has a picture of some sort on it. If the busyness of the cover photo or color of the dust jacket’s spine doesn’t quite go with your decor… take it off! I think 9/10 times I end up removing the dust jacket for one of these reasons. Another little tip that you’ll either love or hate is to turn the book around so the pages show instead of the spines. You see this a lot in HGTV shows due to copyright issues, but it seems to be becoming a trend that I’m seeing more and more on Pinterest and Instagram. Personally, I’m here for it. Whatever works to get the look 🤷‍♀️

That’s all for my Amazon three for two round up! I hope you find some good styling books to add to your collection, and, if not, maybe you enjoyed the inspiration, tips, and me breaking my own rules right after saying them 😂

Thanks for reading!

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