If you’ve never used Rust-Oleums’s Universal Metallic spray paint before, you are missing out. I have seriously used this spray paint for so many projects, and it has worked flawlessly every time. It comes in a wide variety of metallic colors ranging from copper to gold to oil rubbed bronze! What I love most about this spray paint is that it’s easy to apply to almost any surface, it’s a paint and primer all in one, and it truly gives that metallic look to your project. Not to mention, it is super affordable!

One of my favorite colors of this spray paint is the satin bronze. It’s a beautiful, muted gold color with a satin finish. I love this color because it gives a pretty, metallic gold look without being too shiny!

Excuse the mess, this is my DIY table 🙂

In this post, I’m giving you three Christmas designer dupes you can do with this spray paint! I used satin bronze for all three of these dupes, but with over 20 colors available, there are so many options to choose from!

Disclaimer: Some links contained in this post are affiliate links. That means that if you click on the link and purchase an item, I get a small percentage of that sale at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please know that products and brands recommended here at stay home style are products that I use, love, and trust.


If you’ve started shopping for Christmas decorations, you’ve probably noticed that tree collars are everywhere this year! This is my first year having a tree collar, and I really love the clean and sophisticated look they bring to the tree.

As I was shopping for the perfect one, I came across the Bash Gold Tree Collar from Crate & Barrel. This tree collar is simple, beautiful, and classic, but it also comes with a price. At $69.95, this collar is almost double the price of those you’ll find at other retailers like Target and Amazon.

In an effort to save a little money, I continued looking for a similar, but more affordable option, and found the following affordable, hammered metal tree collars at Big Lots, Lowe’s, and Michael’s:

Our Lowe’s was sold out of the copper collar, so I don’t have a picture to show, but I was able to get my hands on both the Big Lots and Michael’s tree collars! Both were great quality for the price, but I ultimately went with the bronze one from Michael’s because it was 1.25″ taller.

Pro tip: If you’re struggling to find a tree collar that’s tall enough to fully cover the bottom of your tree, check out my previous post with a super easy trick to elevate your tree collar!

Big Lots collar compared to Michael’s collar

I was honestly surprised that none of these collars came in gold! It seemed like every gold hammered tree collar I found online was at least $60 or more. Not to worry though, because the Rust-Oleum satin bronze spray paint saved the day! Two coats of paint, and the dark bronze had transformed into a beautiful, satin gold!

I really love how this turned out. It’s so similar in looks to the Crate & Barrel one, but half the price! If you’ve been eyeing this gold tree collar like I have, this is an easy and affordable way to get that designer look for less.


If you haven’t looked through the McGee and Co Holiday collection for this year yet, it is full of inspiration and pretty decor items! I love how this collection is so thoughtfully curated, and all the attention it gives to the little details.

One item I particularly loved in their holiday collection this year was this Rustic Brass Bells & Jute Doorhanger. These bells are so beautiful, but they come with a price. Retailing for $48, I couldn’t bring myself to pay full price for these beauties.

Not to worry though, because, once again, the Rust-Oleum satin bronze paint came to my rescue!

I found this set of 4 Jingle Bell Ornaments at Target for just $3! I also found these pretty silver bells at Michael’s for $5.99 ! I ended up spray painting them gold too, but they are a great dupe for the McGee and Co Silver Hanging Pewter Bell if you wanted to leave them silver.

For this DIY dupe, all I did was spray paint the bells gold and rub them down with dirt to give them that aged, rustic look. I know rubbing dirt on something you just spray painted probably sounds like a weird thing to do, but I promise it works! I learned this little trick from Jaci Daily on Instagram, and I have used it to age and distress vases, lamps, and now bells. It’s crazy, but the results are amazing!

All you need to do is find a little patch of dirt, dampen it just a little, and rub it all over your bells. I like to let mine sit for an hour or two and dry before wiping them down with a paper towel. I would start by just using a dry paper towel, but if too much dirt seems to stay on, I would dampen your paper towel and continuing rubbing until you get the desired amount of distressing.

Also, if you don’t follow Jaci on Instagram yet, she has an AMAZING sense of style and some great DIY ideas like this one! Check out her “Found” Pot highlight if you want to see more dirt DIYs.

What the bells looked like once the dirt had dried ⬆️

The liberty bells were originally an ornament, so I salvaged the original jute rope that came on them and used it to tie the bells to our front door wreath. I love the simplicity of these bells and the elevated look they bring to the wreath.

The set of 4 bells from Target actually came with 4 pieces of twine that could be used to hang them individually. Since I wanted to use these for my stockings, however, I chose this lighter colored twine that blended well with my knit stockings. I cut one long piece of twine and hung all of the bells on one string to get more of that doorhanger look like McGee and Co’s. You could hang these on a wreath as well, but I just love the detail they add to our stockings!

Pro tip: tie knots around the the bells when you have them where you want them so they don’t all slide together when you hang them up!

That’s pretty much all there is to this little DIY dupe. You can find all sorts of bells in all different shapes and sizes this time of year for super affordable prices. Once you find some bells you love, all you need is your spray paint, some dirt, and whatever type of string or rope you want to hang them with!


Last, but certainly not least, we have the Golden Mini Bead garland from McGee and Co. If you’ve watched any of Studio McGee’s recent tree trimming videos, or flipped through the products in their holiday collection, this garland has made quite a few appearances! It is a simple, classic garland that blends beautifully with a wide variety of Christmas decor. Its smaller size makes it the perfect garland to layer with a chunkier wooden garland, yet, it looks just as beautiful all on its own. At $16 for a 6 foot strand, however, it would cost over $100 to buy enough to cover the average sized tree. Not to mention it is currently sold out online!

Before I get into the details of this amazing DIY, I want to go ahead and credit this idea to Amy at The Coastal Oak. She shared this DIY idea on Instagram using the EXACT same satin bronze spray paint, and it was too perfect not to share with this post! If you don’t follow Amy on Instagram, you need to! She has the most amazing DIY ideas, and her coastal style is so calming and beautiful. If you want to see one of the most intense, but beautiful DIY projects I’ve ever seen, check out her “Woven Bed” highlight on Instagram!

Okay, on to the details!

This is an amazing DIY for 2 reasons:

  1. It looks JUST like the McGee & Co Garland
  2. You get almost 40 feet of garland for less than $20

You seriously cannot beat that! I’ve been looking so hard for a good quality, affordable garland this year, and THIS. IS.IT. This garland is heavy weight, the perfect size, and one of the best prices I’ve seen. The only downside is that it only comes in red. Not to fear though, because, once again, Rust-Oleum saves the day!

To evenly spray this garland and get as much coverage as possible, I draped them over some old clothes hangers and hung them up in my garage to spray paint. We do all of our DIY projects in this little area, so I didn’t mind if paint got on the walls. If you don’t want paint to get on things, however, I would suggest hanging a tarp or drop cloth behind where you spray to protect the wall! You could also do this outside by hanging the hanger on a tree branch.

To make sure I covered the beads on all side, I did this in a two step process. First, I sprayed the garland all over, getting as much coverage as I could on round one. I allowed it to dry for about an hour, and then came back and removed and readjusted the garland to try to expose spots I had missed. I sprayed the garland one more time, paying careful attention to the spots I had missed in round one, and allowed it to dry for another hour. Once it was dry, it was ready to hang on our tree!

This garland turned out SO beautiful. It seriously looks like it was always meant to be this color. It drapes beautifully and blends perfectly with our ornaments and decor.

Please note, this garland is sold in a set of two, with each strand being 6 meters long. In total, you get approximately 40 feet of garland, which almost covered my entire 7.5′ Christmas tree. If you were using this garland to layer with another, I think one set would probably be enough, but if you’re using it by itself, or have a tree that is taller than 7.5′, I would get two sets of garland just to be safe! A good rule of thumb is around 9 feet of garland per foot of tree. So, for a 7.5′ tree, you would need somewhere around 60-70 feet of garland.

I seriously love all three of these DIY designer dupes. They are easy, affordable, and really hit the mark for getting a designer look for less. I would love to hear your thoughts, and if you have any other designer Christmas dupes you’re loving this holiday season in the comments below!

Thanks for following along, and happy decorating! 🙂


  1. Lowe’s: Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic Spray Paint
  2. Big Lots: Winter Wonder Lane 26″ Hammered Galvanized Tree Collar
  3. Lowe’s: Holiday Living Copper Hammered Collar
  4. Michael’s: 26.5″ Bronze Galvanized Tree Collar
  5. Target: Set of 4 Jingle Bell Ornaments
  6. Michael’s: Liberty Bell Ornament
  7. Amazon: Cotton Twine
  8. Amazon: Wooden Bead Garland
  9. Target: 50ct Christmas Ornament Set
  10. Target: 9ct Clear Glass Ornament Set
  11. Target: Cable Knit Stockings (sold out 😦 )
  12. Amazon: Cable Knit Stockings
  13. Amazon: Faux Fur Tree Skirt


  1. You can also make a tree collar by using on old lamp shade and spraying it with paint. Find the right size for your tree. DL


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